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Nov 21, 2013 12:00pm PST
is creating tension in a tight-knit massachusetts town. someone painted racial slurs, including the "n" word on the home of a lunenberg high family. the family supports the decision. the community is outraged. >> it makes us assume that we are guilty. >> eventually the truth's going to come out. we will find out who did this, but as far as the thanksgiving game, let's not break tradition. let's play. >> the deciding factor came after officials learned leunenburg players yelled racial slurs at a visiting team earlier in the season. local police and the fbi are investigating the graffiti. >>> the cargo plane that landed at the wrong airport has finally taken off. it touched off about an hour ago. the plane was supposed to carry parts for boeing's oversized 787 dreamliner to mcconnell air force bay in kansas. audio from the cockpit reveals that mcconnell gave the pilot clearance to land, but instead, the plane touched down at a small airport eight miles away late last night. there was one problem. the runway was too short for the giant plane to take off while loaded. >>> a developing story now
Nov 26, 2013 12:00pm PST
hebrew and published in 1640. it was done by the puritans out of the massachusetts bay, colony. one of the remaining copies will be auctioned by soth by's in new york. and the estimated value 15 to $30 million. >> if they only knew back then what they were making. >> right. >>> tony and stephie are cooking up turkey, bolognese. >> i love the smell of basil. >> i thought you were eating. >> i could try a little piece of fresh basil once in a while. it is good for you. gives you clean breath, i hear. >> and it does. >> and we browned the turkey a little bit. sauteed it with white onions. >> once it was brown, we put in the tomato paste. the tomato paste covers everything and then add the sauce and then 5-10 minutes, it comes together and it reduces down. >> we will add some cheese here. >> when you add cheese, a little bit of pasta water because the cheese will take out any moisture. >> nice and spicy with a lot of red pepper. >> go ahead. >> is that all right? >> perfect. >> regular pepper and a touch of oregano. >> put that on top. and this is what we meant with the color. isn't tha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2